Deutsche Post DHL Group pushing the envelope: targeting zero emissions

Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) has launched a training programme for its over half a million employees to accelerate a cultural change within the company and support the goal of becoming a zero-emissions logistics company by 2050. The aim of the programme is to educate employees on the overall context of climate change, understand the Groups’ climate protection strategy and actively contribute to achieving the target.

By 2025, DPDHL Group plans to train 80% of its employees as Certified GoGreen Specialists. The curriculum is modular to account for different roles, working environments and knowledge levels. The foundation module is the same for everyone; it conveys basic knowledge about climate change, the Group’s climate protection strategy, the Group-wide climate protection program GoGreen and concrete actions everyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint. There are additional, advanced modules for different divisions and functions, which provide employees with specific knowledge on how to be more carbon efficient in their roles.

As part of its ambitious zero emissions by 2050 target, DPDHL launched “Mission 2050” in March 2017. It represents a new milestone within the group-wide climate protection program GoGreen, that was established in the year 2008. The vision the Group pursues with the educational employee program is to build a GoGreen Specialist culture where employees are inspired to adopt a GoGreen mindset and are capable of supporting the achievement of Mission 2050.