Expanding electric vehicle fleet helps to shrink Posti’s carbon footprint

As the largest transport and delivery company in Finland, Posti plays a major role in the development of eco-friendly and energy efficient logistics. Posti’s fleet currently comprises over 3,900 vehicles, which covered around 117m km in 2017 and is gradually incorporating more and more electric vehicles.

Alternative-fuel vehicles are an important component of Posti’s environmental programme which aims to decrease carbon-dioxide emissions by 30% by 2020 in relation to net sales (compared to 2007). To achieve this, alongside expanding its low carbon delivery fleet, the company continues to improve energy efficiency and use more renewable energy. As a result, Posti’s absolute carbon emissions have decreased by more than 20% between 2007 and 2017.

In 2018, Posti expanded its fleet of electric vehicles with 200 new electric freight scooters and 250 electrically-assisted delivery carts. The newly-purchased light electric vehicles will be gradually implemented into mail delivery in about 60 delivery offices. It is anticipated that they can carry as much as an entire route’s worth of mail at a time, making delivery faster and easier.

All of Posti’s delivery, transport, freight, and warehousing services in Finland are carbon neutral Posti Green services. The CO2 emissions arising from transport are reduced by combining transports and using route planning, by applying smooth and safe driving styles and by the regular renewal of the fleet. The remaining emissions are compensated for by participating in certified climate projects.