In Europe, the international postal system performance has changed beyond recognition. Postal operators have made significant improvements in international mail quality of service using UNEX™ and a wide range of high-tech systems developed by IPC.

Since 1994, the first year UNEX™ was implemented, participating European postal operators have dramatically improved the speed and efficiency of international letter service in terms of Delivery Days (J+n performance) and Cumulative Performance.

However, new challenges have appeared in recent years with the increase in traffic of e-commerce-related mail products (such as untracked packets), resulting in greater pressure on existing postal infrastructure and resources.

In 1997, the European Union Directive on Postal Services set Speed and Reliability Objectives on a country-to-country basis: 85 percent of cross-border letter mail must be delivered within 3 days (Speed) and 97 percent in 5 days (Reliability). EU postal operators are required to publish quality results annually – IPC provides these results in its IPC UNEX™ CEN module results brochure.

The UNEX™ measurement in Europe for this annual report is driven by the CEN standard EN13850 Postal Services – Quality of Service – Measurement of the transit time of end-to-end services for single piece priority and first class mail that specifies the methodology for monitoring of quality of service in the European Union.

UNEX™ Annual Results

Each year, the UNEX™ team publishes the previous year's UNEX™ report overview, which provides statistical performance results for participating countries in Europe. The most recent and previous versions of the UNEXTM reports can be found here.