All posts do not have the required knowledge, skills or personnel to analyse and identify the improvement actions required to achieve the levels of performance demanded in today’s postal network. Additionally, with so many separate postal organisations, airline, trucking companies, customs, ground handling agents in the pipeline, there are many grey areas of handover and responsibility between posts in the network. IPC’s Proactive Performance Management team was created to add transparency and to assist posts in achieving the required end to end performance levels.

How does it work?

IPC’s Proactive Performance Management (PPM) is an operational service aimed at providing posts with support and best practice sharing among the postal community.

The PPM team follows a structured approach when assessing identified operational problems and provides a holistic view on the process. The Operations Upgrading Committee, which is the governing body, is provided with a detailed report and is updated in its quarterly meetings on progress. The PPM team supports the posts in action planning and follow-up meetings. Implementing the solutions to fix the identified root cause is of course with the member post, however the process is tracked with an action plan and scheduled follow-up meetings, to allow for continuous improvement. The PPM team initially carries out in-depth data analysis and consults the internal IPC experts for additional expertise and insights. based on the findings and first assumptions that indicate underperforming areas the team works jointly with the concerned member posts. This includes on-site observations to assess the issues and jointly agree on the next steps and solutions.

The PPM team hosts monthly operations calls with members who are involved in the network to facilitate the active exchange of information and issues that might impact others. During peak periods, the frequency of these calls is increased to allow for immediate action. Proactive Performance Management is in place to support all member posts in reaching and exceeding the agreed performance objectives and targets regardless of its complexity and different operations.


• Provides access for posts to a deeply experienced and dedicated performance improvement team
• Provides posts with on the ground real assessments and analysis
• Enables posts to develop and implement performance improvement initiatives to meet the required levels of performance
• Enables posts to grow the expertise and knowledge of their own teams
• Allows posts to pool efforts to tackle common shared issues at certain network points in a cost efficient manner

More information

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