Royal Mail MarketReach conducted online surveys with customers and donors in seven key market sectors in the UK.

Commissioned to Quadrangle, an independent research agency, the research paper includes both qualitative and quantitative measurement among 3,000 nationally representative consumers in the UK.

The objective of the research was to help advertisers make the most of mail by building an in-depth understanding of what consumers most appreciated about mail they found useful and/or interesting.

The research agency looked at six sectors where mail is a key part of the media mix: financial services, utilities and telecoms, public sector, charity, travel and tourism, and retail. In the first stage of this research, six group discussions were used, following up with many of the respondents via in-home interviews and mail diaries to enrich the insights and develop a ‘taxonomy’ – a collection of words, phrases and definitions that describes mail from a consumer perspective. The second phase of research used the initial insights and parameters to test Royal Mail’s hypotheses via a quantitative research survey conducted online.

Results showed that mail items valued by consumers could come from any sector, and be of any type – from a statement or bill to a catalogue, brochure or magazine. Familiarity was a key factor: 85% of respondents in the quantitative stage chose an item that came from an existing supplier or relationship. Mail from current suppliers benefits from a personal connection between the recipient and the brand or organisation, often driven by data-derived information and insight.


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