Programmatic DM is the latest intelligent product combining direct mail and e-commerce – it takes the best elements of digital marketing and offline marketing and merges them resulting in increased engagement and conversion with your customer.
Programmatic DM uses the integration of technology on your website to identify your customer’s online behaviour. This feature enables you to track your customer’s journey and trigger with a retargeted DM that is delivered to their address, leading to improved sales conversion.

Setting up a programmatic mail campaign consists of five key steps. First, the advertiser sets up the campaign objectives together with KPIs. Then key pages are tagged to be able to track the user journey and assets are uploaded to the programmatic mail technology provider – this way, as soon as a desired action is performed online on the relevant page, a direct mail piece can be automatically created and sent to print. It will usually be delivered to the recipient’s doorstep within 48 hours. The final step involves performance reporting with access to real-time insights and campaign refinement based on the detailed analytics.

Programmatic DM vs other channels – An Post case study



Source: IPC members, IPC analysis; * clicks are measured by how many customers come back to site after receiving the mailing (which our tech tracks). ** average conversion stats. *** Latest trends in re-marketing