Advertiser ■ McNellie’s restaurant chain
Industry ■ Food
Media used ■ addressed mail
Target audience ■ 2,500 prospects
Date ■ 2014


McNellie’s is a restaurant chain based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, US. The downtown McNellie’s location is well known and usually packed. But when the company opened a second “City South” location that was literally “over the hill” from a busy intersection, that location didn’t receive as much business. The restaurant had been running ads in several local papers promoting both locations. These ads helped to drive business to the downtown location, but the results for the second location were not too effective. McNellie’s assumed that once people found the restaurant, they would likely return. What they needed was a clear and powerful communication channel to tell prospects of the new location’s address.


To create loyal following in a new location, people would need to know exactly where it is and receive a generous incentive to give it a try. The agency created a direct mail campaign designed to create awareness of the new location, provide instructions on how to find it, and offer an incentive to visit. It also bought a mailing list which was comprised of 2,500 prospects with specific demographic information and geographic proximity to the restaurant. The direct mail piece needed to include easy to follow instructions for how to find the restaurant. Using addresses from the mailing list, personalised maps were created by locr that detailed the route from the recipient’s home to the location of the restaurant. A unique map was created for each recipient and included as part of the direct mail piece. As an incentive, the direct mail piece also included a $10 food coupon. The recipient had two months to redeem the coupon.


The response rate for this direct mail campaign was 24% and 600 of the 2,500 food coupons were redeemed.