Advertiser ■ IBM, Denmark
Industry ■ IT
Media used ■ Direct mail
Date ■ Spring 2013 (reprinted 2014)

The background

No one likes to talk about something they do not understand. Therefore, the key to a fruitful dialogue for IBM was to create a common ground between buyer and seller. The IT company needed a tangible tool that could explain the product, its outsourcing, and create an entry for dialogue. The goal of the campaign was lead generation for IBM salesmen.

Target Audience

838 financial manager / CFOs in small and medium enterprises in Denmark.


A crate box containing miniature self-assembly boxes were sent to the financial officers of SMEs to create an understanding of a technical product for a non-technical decision maker. The crate illustrated that the solution is to move the selected IT solutions out of the house. The box was sent to the financial controller and contained a brochure with QR-code to a responsive website about the solutions written in clear and non-technical language. The brochure was divided into 6 sections focused on why it is beneficial to go with IBM, and each was represented by a small self-assembly crate. It caused itself curiosity to receive a crate from an IT company like IBM. CFOs were ready to discuss the product that they fully understood.


ROI: 8

ROI on anticipated closed deals: 27

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