European Posts are performing on average above their challenging new target to deliver 85 per cent of first class, cross-border mail within three days of posting (J+3). UNEX results record that in 1998, 85.6 per cent of all first class intra-European letters reached their final destination within three days. The average delivery time for cross-border European letter reduced to 2.6 days, a gain of half a day in four years. Since 1994, J+3 performance, the speed indicator, has improved by 16.5 percentage points, an improvement of 24%. In 1998, more than four fifths of international mail in Europe were delivered within three days, up from tw thirds in 1994. Progress was made on the reliability indicator J+5: in 1998, only 3.6% of mail was delivered later than J+5, compared with 7.6% in 1994.