IN THIS ISSUE TOP STORY UPS tests drones in Rwanda to deliver life-saving medicines ■ AMERICAS Amazon announces first quarter sales up 28% to US$29.1bn ■ UPS Board announces quarterly dividend and reauthorises share repurchase programme ■ UPS exapnds San Antonio facility and adds new fleet ■ UPS “My Choice Service” enables users to track location of their delivery in live map ■ ASIA PACIFIC Mumbai’s HeyDidi! plans major expansion ■ Self-Storage operator Lock+Store to become postal-service provider in Singapore ■ EUROPE DrivingChange: DPDgroup’s new CSR strategy ■ Geis triples capacity in the centre of Germany ■ CitySprint expands with two more acquisitions ■ ArrowXL’s new platinum home delivery sets the standard ■ Posti launches new Easy Codes ■ Successful trial integration of DHL Parcelcopter into logistics chain ■ Royal Mail introduces international weekend collections and new tracking services for businesses ■ Hermes UK invests in its growing Business Accounts service for SMEs ■