Christmas has come early for residents in the Northern Territory with the introduction of 11 new three-wheeled electric delivery vehicles (eDVs) and new parcel processing machinery to help deliver parcels faster than ever before.

The latest additions will speed up mail delivery for locals, with the eDVs carrying up to three times more items as traditional motorcycles and the new machinery reducing manual handling.

Australia Post General Manager Deliveries Northern Territory Angela Creedon said the new upgrades are a timely addition in the lead up to an expected record-breaking Christmas.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our delivery experience. Our eDVs can carry over 100 small parcels and up to 1,200 letters, while our new parcel processing machinery allows us to deliver more mail quickly and more safely. In fact customers in Darwin and Palmerston will now receive their items a day earlier,” Ms Creedon said.

“Our new vehicles triple our carrying capacity compared to the traditional postie motorbike, and with this fleet as part of a deployment of 1961 across the country that extra room will be very handy as we approach Christmas.

“The eDVs are currently servicing one of the Northern Territory’s biggest online shopping hotspots, with 13 vehicles delivering around Darwin – with that number to grow to 24.

“Today, our posties deliver 42 per cent of all parcels, so it’s important to have the right vehicles on our rounds delivering for our customers – especially in Darwin where online shopping grew 12.4 per cent in 2018 from the previous year.”

Ms Creedon said that along with added capacity, the eDVs come with extra safety features, meaning more protection for posties.  

“These vehicles are more visible, more stable, have increased rider protection and lower on-road speeds, all of which makes our posties safer.

“We have made modifications such as adding an overhead canopy, dash cams, a hydraulic seat, speed limiters, engine immobilisers and automatic storage locking systems, based on feedback from posties. 

“Our posties love the extra safety features, customers love the extra carrying capacity, and everyone loves the almost-silent running – including dogs.” 

Senator for the Northern Territory, Dr Sam McMahon said that Australia Post has a commitment to innovation with new parcel processing machinery, and plans to have Australia’s largest electric vehicle fleet.

“Territorians are keen users of online retail services and it is encouraging that new technology will mean parcels will be delivered sooner,” said Dr McMahon.

“The iconic postie bike which Australians have come to know and embrace, have evolved in to a safe and efficient three-wheeled electric delivery vehicle of the future. This new electric trike comes with a greater capacity which will see greater fleet efficiency and most importantly, a faster service for Territorians.”

Territory Minister for Climate Change and Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Eva Lawler said it is great to see organisations like Australia Post capitalising on the opportunities and benefits electric vehicles can bring to businesses and to the environment.

“I congratulate Australia Post on taking these important steps which can only benefit Territorians into the future. As we, transition to a low-carbon economy, electric vehicles as well as other renewable options will become more important - that is why our Government is investigating electric vehicle uptake in the NT and asking for comment on the Have Your Say website,” said Ms Lawler.

With over 150 eDVs already out delivering, Australia Post expects the next lot of 961 vehicles to be wheeled out around the nation by February 2020.  

Source: Australia Post