25 November – The major programme launched earlier this year to further enhance the IPC Global Customer Service System (GCSS) is now fully complete, with the release of the second phase in November. GCSS is a web-based application enabling the exchange of inquiries between customer service departments of the posts. It currently links 290 call centres globally in 190 countries. This enhancement programme brings more visibility and transparency and makes GCSS more user friendly and intuitive for over 6000 customer service agents using it throughout the world.
Liam O’Sullivan, Chief Operations Officer, says: “We believe that these changes to GCSS make it more intuitive, more ergonomic and user friendly whilst adding some extra features which will add additional value.  As international tracked mail  volumes continue to increase significantly, the enhancements to GCSS directly benefit Postal operators’ customer service centres worldwide, enabling them to best respond to increasing demands from e-retailers and consumers for swift information about all inquiry matters”. 

The enhancement programme was divided into two phases. The first phase, released in May 2021, already introduced, amongst others, a new Force Majeure functionality within GCSS which will allow IPC to promptly respond to customer service centre related Force Majeure claims (such as a customer service centre power outage). An enhanced auto-population functionality was introduced to assist GCSS users when creating inquiries by automatically extracting ITMATT in addition to EMSEVT data to populate inquiry fields at the start of the process. 

In November, the second phase of the enhancement programme of GCSS has been completed, introducing, amongst others, a series of improvements and new features, such as easily accessible and customisable filters, intelligent guidance, and messaging to promote quality and to facilitate established processes.  Display Tracking Information for inquiries has also been optimised. By having the tracking feature always available on-screen, customer service agents can now access event information in a user-friendly way. Furthermore, a User Cockpit has been introduced, to provide customer service centres with a consolidated view of their GCSS open workflow. It will provide each GCSS customer service team with early visibility of actions which can positively impact customer satisfaction and related Key Performance Indicator (KPI) achievement. 

All enhancements will be presented to all GCSS users in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world through specific online interactive presentations and demonstrations and via YouTube tutorials.