Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, IPC has focused on the operational challenges, ensuring that information sharing, assistance and cooperation between posts continue functioning.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis in China, IPC has coordinated weekly conference calls with over 50 posts, including all IPC members, and many other non-members such as posts from China, Israel, Russia, Turkey, the Ukraine and many others. Initially, the calls focused on how to manage the flows to and from China.
However, since all countries are now impacted by the crisis, the calls aim to allow posts to share an update on their domestic and cross-border status. The objective is also to maintain connections between Europe and US and also specifically between Australia/New Zealand and Europe. 
IPC is currently working with interested posts to create a dedicated Airlink between the continents to keep the mail flowing. IPC is also working with the interested European posts in ensuring that the intra-European network continues to operate through closed transits arrangements. IPC and posts are also exploring combined hubbing through an enhanced road network.
In addition, IPC has launched a survey among all posts, members and non-members, to gather and share specific precautions they took to ensure staff safety and the operational measures that accompany such precautions, while keeping the domestic network operable.

Are you a postal employee involved in international operations and would you like more information about the Covid-19 information sharing initiative, please contact us at info@ipc.be.