Customer expectations continue to increase when making a purchase online from another country: Online shoppers expect clear information on charges before purchasing an item online, they look for a simple and reliable returns process and demand full visibility through track and trace. Through innovative postal solutions, streamlined processes, advance electronic data and high delivery reliability and quality, INTERCONNECT helps postal operators to meet these ever-rising expectations. That is the reasoning why INTERCONNECT’s was developed by the postal operators: providing a comprehensive response to meet and exceed the demands of the global e-commerce market.

Building on the positive trend of the last months, the INTERCONNECT network is continuing to increase volumes by enlarging the network to more posts worldwide and introducing new functionalities to enhance collaboration with e-retailers. Volumes have consistently exceeded the 5m mark since May 2019 (with 5.1m in September): circa 4.2m in the tracked packets (Standard) service and circa 0.8m items in the tracked parcels services (Standard and Premium). The eligible volumes transferred to INTERCONNECT has increased from 38% in March 2019 to 50% in September 2019. 

How do we better understand the customer requirements? IPC’s Cross-Border Online Shopper Survey looks into evolving customer needs on a yearly basis, thus providing intelligence for postal operators to further enhance their services throughout INTERCONNECT features. IPC also uses this customer feedback to identify and develop new functionalities for INTERCONNECT which respond to the exact requirements of the online shopper, such as information about delivery charges before purchase, possibility to select delivery location and fast customs clearance. These functionalities help to offer customers a similar experience when shopping online cross-border than when shopping online locally. The 2019 edition of the IPC Cross-border Online Shopper Survey will be available in January 2020 on www.ipc.be.