I am pleased to use this first edition of YourIPC after the summer break to address you in my new role. After many years in the logistics and postal industry, I am delighted to take the leadership of this truly international team, committed to support posts in embracing change in such a critical time.  

My ambition is to extend the already comprehensive list of IPC’s successes and to bring the company to the next level in order to better serve our members and customers’ needs in dealing with the challenges of an evolving global market. The speed and dynamics of the market have increased considerably, requiring a swift response from the postal sector.

E-Commerce will continue to experience a double-digit growth, representing major opportunities for posts. I am convinced that IPC can play an important role to allow posts to further boost parcel volumes, especially cross-border, through a greater interconnection of postal networks. It is my belief that one of the main obstacles preventing customers from buying online cross-border is the lack of trust. Posts are highly trusted brands on the domestic markets and by putting these trusts together, we can overcome this obstacle. INTERCONNECT is a first step into that direction.

The new IPC Data Hub, through which data is captured, stored and exchanged, is a major achievement that is allowing us to move from reporting to real-time data, in order to offer customers an end to end view. In the future, it will also enable us to move to forecasting. The Data Hub is quickly becoming the backbone of IPC solutions.

My goal is to reinforce IPC as a think tank for the postal industry, through our market intelligence and consumer research, and to also offer a platform for our members to initiate synergies. Together, I am confident we will contribute to the successful transformation of the postal industry.

I look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

Holger Winklbauer