IPC Workshop on Outbound International Consumer Mail, Brussels, 25 January 2012

Six IPC members met to discuss ways of promoting outbound international consumer mail.
The areas covered during this workshop included:

  • Key learning and successful initiatives on how to promote international consumer mail within your market – examples of advertising campaigns
  • Description of product portfolio your organization has for international consumer mail
  • Strategy for maintaining consumer mail in light of online and social media
  • Examples of recent or planned innovation you have to promote international consumer mail
  • Examples of recent or planned initiatives with community groups to promote international consumer mail

Contact list of delegates

Introduction: Jane Dyer, Director Markets and Communication, IPC
Presentation: Xavier Clabots, Product Management Stamps & Labels – TSS Marketing, bpost
Presentation, Presentation: Francisco Miranda, International Direct Marketing Manager, Correos
Presentation: Michael Wenzelburger, Produkt Management Brief Export/Direct Entry, Vice President Deutsche Post DHL
Presentation: Sophie Roulé, Marketing Grand Public - Professionnel, Le Groupe La Poste
Presentation: Jørgen Fischer Head of Business Operations, Privat Customer, Post Danmark
Presentation: Berend Dorgelo Marketing International, PostNL