The workshop took place on 18 November and focused on how posts communicate to customers in times of crisis and significant changes.

The postal sector, like the rest of the economy, has been seriously hit by COVID-19 and had to adapt their operations with significant impact on both employees and customers. At the same time, posts have also had to deal with increased e-commerce volumes. More recently, the VAT de minimis removal in the EU since 1st July and related changes to tax regulations lead to changes for consumers (increase in price) and added more complexity for postal operations. 

The aim of the workshop was to discuss how posts reacted to crises and changes and how it affected their image and perception to the public. To spur the debate, a survey was organised among participants on the topic. 

Paul Needham, Chief editor at CEP Research was invited to share his views on how the postal sector is perceived in a changing environment. Posts were also be invited to share their experiences with dealing with recent important changes or crises and how it impacted their brand image. Case studies by Magyar Posta and Swiss Post




Thierry Dieu
IPC Head of Communication