On the occasion of the forthcoming IATA World Cargo Symposium in Singapore, the International Post Corporation (IPC), along with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and its Air Mail Board (AMB) would like to invite you to join us for an introductory session on the Future of Mail by Air (FoMbA) Initiative at:

Marina Bay Sands
12 March 2019
(9:30 am – 5 pm)
Free of charge event
Lunch included

The Future of Mail by Air Initiative was launched in 2006 by senior executives from leading airmail carriers and IPC members to jointly address the threats and challenges of the airmail industry. FoMbA has progressively turned into a key industry group with participating posts and airlines defining and applying together standard operating and messaging procedures with the purpose of optimizing business processes. Participants in FoMbA cooperate in promoting the expansion of EDI messaging, defining industry best practice and developing and pilot testing operational solutions and systems.

The objective of the proposed session will be to introduce the initiative, explain its key achievements and ongoing activities and to gather your input as valued expert in international airmail transportation.

Over the past years, the FoMbA Initiative, with the support of the different participants and partners have achieved many of the key objectives that were initially set which helped improve visibility and quality of service. The amount of EDI exchanges has increased significantly, several related tools and reports are now being widely used.

Despite all the progress, new challenges have come up in recent years, mainly relating to new security regulations and e-commerce expansion and its impact on airmail volumes. FoMbA is a non-exclusive initiative. Whereas it was initiated by a group of posts and carriers it welcomes any post, carrier and stakeholder willing to contribute by providing input in the various working groups and to deploy commonly agreed measures and solutions. Involving key players in the Asia Pacific area has been identified as a strategic important part of FoMbA.

Please kindly confirm your participation by 28 February, by indicating number of delegates, names and job positions, as well as contact details for further communication about the event.

We look forward to welcoming you at this session. In the meantime, and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions. 


  1. Introduction: Welcome of participants and partners
  2. Introduction to IPC and its activities
  3. Volume trends, market context, ecommerce expansion
  4. Why FoMbA? How? Background, governance, participation opportunities, interactions with other groups
  5. Review of the key achievements over time: EDI expansion, Paper-free, EDI Guide, standards updates
  6. SOMP, the backbone of FoMbA
  7. Supporting tools. Demo and training of IPC tools that are available to posts and airlines (free of charge) to monitor their airmail operations:
    a. FoMbA KPIs: why we chose them and how we monitor them (available reports
    and how to access them)
    b. IPC Mail Registration Device (MRD)
    c. Standard settlement
  8. Q&A session. Way forward. How to get more involved in FoMbA
    The session will include presentations from participants in the FoMbA initiative. 


Several “FoMbA Ambassadors”, posts and airlines, current participants in the project, will share their experience with the attendees.

Target participants profiles:

Posts: International operations, international transportation, international IT, international relations representatives

Airlines: mail and cargo managers, mail accounting department representatives, mail operations managers in general

IT system vendors working with mail business and EDI


Héctor Martin Arias
Network Integration Manager
Direct   +32 (0)2 724 71 96


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore