Louis François de Robiano joined IPC in 1989 as the manager of market research, planning and sales. In 1993, he became the UNEX manager, charged to develop and manage IPC’s system for providing international mail quality of service monitoring between all IPC shareholders. From 1996 to 2011, de Robiano served as the Head of the Quality Service Monitoring Department. In October 2011 de Robiano became the Head Of Strategic Relationships.

Prior to joining IPC, de Robiano worked for DHL Europe as its European Marketing Analyst, reporting to the European director of sales & marketing, responsible for sales and development for Europe and as Competitive Intelligence coordinator for Europe.

He also has served in a number of research analyst positions, including Assistant in the Planning & Development Division at Petrochim, in charge of the monthly and annual treasury forecasts and budget controls; as an internal consultant within the Supply and Transportation Division at American Petrofina in Dallas, Texas, where he analysed methods for optimising the processes for administering two affiliated pipeline companies in Texas; and as a research assistant in the Marketing division at Sobemap.

He has a BBA degree in Finance Management and Marketing from the European University in Antwerp, and an MBA degree in International Management from the University of Dallas, Texas, USA.

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Head of Strategic Relations
Head of Strategic Relations